Community Benefit

Stewardship Report Cover

A Message from Our Board President:

Thanks to our great team of staff members and teen volunteers, we had another successful year. I am happy to report that we just closed the book on our 34th Therapy and Fun summer program. Our client numbers have increased over the past two years, and the program has received high marks from the families involved. Please click here to download our 2016 Stewardship report to get the details.

This year CTC has grown in unexpected ways. We have expanded our programming, the number of schools CTC serves has increased by 5%, our number of private clients has nearly doubled, and we have developed new programs that allow us to serve a wider range of clients of all ages. We have gone from “helping children walk, talk, learn, and play,” to helping all “people walk, talk, learn, and play.”

We are also growing new partnerships. It was exciting to be part of ArtPrize Education Days, and collaborate on our brand new Grand Rapids Equine Assisted Therapy (GREAT) program. Through these partnerships we are able to offer a greater variety of programs to our clients. We plan to continue to work with outside organizations to develop programming that is accessible to everyone.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that we, once again, received a three-year CARF accreditation. This is a national acknowledgment that we meet the standards for being a rehabilitation facility. It was a long process involving a number of individuals on our staff, board, and the clients we serve. It was worth the effort as we are proud to have the CARF seal on all that we do.
On behalf of the CTC board of directors, I want to thank all of our partners, volunteers, staff, and donors for playing their part in the growth of this wonderful and worthwhile organization. We could not do it without you.

Rodney Martin