Community Benefit 2010

2010 Community Benefit Analysis

Community Health Education $ 12,085
Health Professionals Education $ 45,000
Community Building $ 27,713
Charity Care $ 140,850
Community Benefit Operations $ 44,965
Total Community Benefit
$ 270,613

2010 Agency Income

Program Service $ 513,538
Contributions & Fund Raising $ 73,305
Interest $ 370
Total Agency Income
$ 605,212

2010 Agency Expenses

Program Service $ 470,958
Management & General $ 90,162
Fund Raising $ 3,443
Total Agency Expenses
$ 564,563

Comprehensive Therapy Center offers the West Michigan community speech-language, sensory and motor therapies along with academic tutoring and advisory programs to help people with special needs. Our programs help people with disabilities increase productivity and independence – so they can live life to the fullest extent.
We promise to support the community by:

  • maintaining a qualified staff of therapists and educators.
  • offering educational programming for teachers, caregivers, families, and the community at large.
  • providing clinical practice for health care students.
  • building community with our partners who are also helping people with special needs
  • offering service learning to teen volunteers during our summer program Therapy and Fun and by
  • working to improve the access to therapeutic programs for disadvantaged individuals with disabilities.

In order to fund these programs the agency will seek community support through grant requests, special events, fundraisers, and an annual appeal.

Through our unique combination of therapy, mentoring, and volunteerism we promote a culture dedicated to positively supporting people with disabilities.