Community Benefit 2012

2012 Community Benefit Analysis

Community Health Education $    11,365
Health Professionals Education $    54,468
Community Building $    27,355
Charity Care $    98,465
Community Benefit Operations $   54,890
Total Community Benefit
$ 246,543

2012 Agency Income

Program Service $ 678,213
Contributions & Fund Raising $ 104,029
Interest $         137
Total Agency Income
$ 782,379

2012 Agency Expenses

Program Service $  596,599
Management & General $  107,623
Fund Raising $      6,070
Total Agency Expenses
$ 710,292

As a charitable nonprofit our therapeutic work with people with disabilities is supported by our work in the educational system and by community collaborations.

In addition to speech-language, sensory, and motor therapies for individuals and special education services to schools, we offer educational programming for teachers, families and the community.  We also provide clinical practice for health care students and mentor our own volunteers.  We collaborate with other nonprofits serving similar people to align healthcare and educational services.

We expect that life skills gained through therapy, translates to increased productivity and independence.  Therefore we improve access to therapeutic programs for disadvantaged individuals with disabilities.  In order to fund these programs the agency seeks community support from many sources.

We provide high-quality therapy services while promoting a culture of positively supporting people with disabilities who may be disadvantaged or at-risk.