Grand Rapids Equine Assisted Therapy (GREAT)

We specialize in rehabilitation and treatment with a horse.

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Equine Assisted Therapy occurs when occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech-language pathology incorporate the horse’s movement (hippotherapy) and horse related activities into treatment.

Every GREAT therapist is nationally board certified in hippotherapy.


  • The horses working in equine assisted therapy and hippotherapy have quality movement, appropriate temperament, and receive specialized ongoing training and care
  • Hippotherapy is one part of a comprehensive treatment plan
  • The person incorporating or directing hippotherapy is a licensed therapist with additional specialized education in principles of hippotherapy and horsemanship.
  • Equine assisted therapy and hipppotherapy are powerful treatment strategies for persons with disabilities
  • Co-treatment is very effective

How Do I pay for services?GREAT Service

  • Payment for these sessions may be partially covered by your insurance following a doctor’s referral for physical, occupational, and/or speech-language therapy.
  • There will be a stable fee charged per visit. Fees vary depending on the location.
  • Some clients choose to pay directly.

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