Sensory Therapy

We can help find balance through work and play


Our therapists create a sensory profile to decide what kind of therapy will be best for your child.

Sensory therapy may be helpful if your child struggles in the following areas:

  • Vestibular: a sense of balance. We can help by using Bal-a-vis-x.
  • Tactile: a sense of touch. We can help whether your child under or over responsive
  • Visual and Auditory: seeing and hearing. This includes tracking and describing what was viewed.
  • Fine Motor Skills: small movements including handwriting.
  • Proprioception: a sense of the body and where is in space.


This therapy helps improve balance, auditory processing, visual tracking through exercises. Activities may include:

  • Ball bouncing for rhythm and hand-eye coordination
  • Bouncing on therapy balls for balance
  • Using Ipad Programs to aid visual scanning
  • Balncing on rocker boards
  • Swinging to improve the vestibular

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