Therapy and Fun FAQs


What is it? Therapy and Fun is an intensive summer therapy program for children.

Who may attend? Children who need to receive speech-language, occupational, or physical therapies may participate.  We accept a variety of children – from simple speech therapy to complex medical needs.

What ages do you accept? Our youngest children no longer need morning naps.  Our oldest children are in middle school.

Is there a cost? Yes. We charge for the therapy your child receives, and the screening appointment.  We work with most insurance companies.  If your insurance doesn’t cover the program, the fee is (on a sliding scale) based on your income.  We will give you details on how to apply during the screening appointment.  We also have a parent-run fundraiser during the summer.

When is it? Children attend Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from mid-June through early August.  Children arrive and start therapy at 9:00am and go home at 12:15pm.

How do I enroll? 

  1. Call our office to make sure the program is right for your family 616-559-1054.
  2. Have your child’s doctor send us a referral for speech and/or occupational therapy (fax: 616-559-1056).
  3. Send us a copy of your child’s insurance card.
  4. Make an appointment for the screening!

Spots are limited, so plan on starting the process in April.

Do you accept children on the autism spectrum? Absolutely!

Who works with my child? We have professional therapists.  We also have college students in charge of our activities.  There are many teen-aged volunteers who help us all morning long.

When do I meet them? When you visit our office you will meet one or two staff people.  Parent orientation happens the morning before the first day of therapy.  You and your child will meet everyone.

May I visit? Absolutely!  We love it when you spend time with us.  We even have a special day for grandparents.

What happens every morning? The day is divided into half hour sessions.  Each day your child will attend a speech-language session, a gross/sensory motor session, and a fine motor session.  Mid-morning we have a group session that we call “snack and music” where children practice what they learn.  This is the time we also work on strengthening muscles used for speech.

When your child is not in therapy, time is spent practicing new skills in crafts, reading, or creative movement.  Our volunteers escort children to get from one session to another.

Who attends?  How do they do?  Typically 30 – 50 children attend 2/3 are boys and 1/3 are girls.  More than 75% of goals are achieved every summer.

Anything else for parents? Yes.  We will have a series of meetings on Thursdays from 9:00am – 10:00am where we have speakers on a variety of topics – just for you.  We will have someone talk about reading, special education, and make-it-take-it workshop.  We also often discuss discipline, nutrition, and financial planning.

What if my child needs help going to the bathroom? No problem.  There are plenty of chances to use the bathroom each morning.  You supply diapers if your child needs them.

What if my child takes medication?  You will need to administer medications at home.

What if I am going to be late at noon?  We have no daycare and will need to charge you $20 every 30 minutes for late pick up.

Where is it?  We rent a local Grand Rapids church, Temple Emanuel at 1715 E. Fulton St. for the summer.  Our office is 2505 Ardmore SE – very close to Breton Village Mall.

Is there transportation?  No, but we help arrange car pools with other parents.  The church is on a bus line.

Anything else I need to know?  Of course!  We get dirty and will need a change of clothes to have on hand.

We need parents to bring healthy snacks for everyone once.  Yum.

We hope to see you.

Call us 616-559-1054.

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To help protect our clients, families, and staff, and in compliance with Governor Whitmer's executive order, Comprehensive Therapy Center is halting all programs and services. Our office is closed until further notice.

Please take care of yourselves. We look forward to seeing you again soon.