History & Mission

We help children with disabilities walk, talk, learn and play.
We help adults to become as independent as possible.

volunteer and child readingComprehensive Therapy Center provides Speech – Language Pathology, Sensory and Motor Therapies to West Michigan children and adults with special needs. Comprehensive Therapy Center, Inc. is a non-profit community-based agency.

Established in 1982, Comprehensive Therapy Center’s mission is to meet the therapeutic and educational needs of adults and children with disabilities who are at-risk or disadvantaged, through skill building, academic enhancement and social emotional support. We help adults keep or increase their independence. We help children to walk, talk, learn and play.

Some of our unique program offerings are:

  • Special Education Services to Schools
  • Therapy and Fun summer therapy program
  • Tutoring program
  • Therapy Services to Mental Health and Social Service Agencies
  • Foreign Accent Reduction Therapy
  • Home Safety Evaluations


girl on a scooterComprehensive Therapy Center began as a supplemental speech and language program for children in 1980. While working as a speech pathologist in public schools, Jean Silbar noticed that every fall children with disabilities and special needs were re-learning skills that they had achieved, but lost over the summer. She implemented a summer therapy program which not only addressed speech-language therapy but as time went on, also added occupational and sensory therapies. The agency has grown to include an award-winning summer program, Therapy and Fun, therapy services to adults with disabilities, and year round special educational services for children with developmental, physical and/or genetic disorders.

The agency incorporated in 1982, and gained 501(c) 3 status. In 1987, Comprehensive Therapy Center was approved by Medicaid as a service provider. In 2006, the agency received CARF accreditation, allowing us to continue as a Medicaid service provider.

Growth and Development

boy with cerebral palsyIn the 1980s the state run mental health institutions were closing. The developmentally disabled and the severe and profoundly mentally disabled were sent to community agencies like the Hope Network and Pine Rest. These organizations held the first contracts for Comprehensive Therapy Center. The therapy business was brisk.

Over time the agency has changed to stay in step with the special needs community. The 1990s placed most of our adult clients into managed care and unfortunately therapy contracts disappeared. However, charter schools were on the rise in Michigan and needed special education services for their students. So with able and experienced staff members, the agency began offering special education services to West Michigan schools.

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2012 – Looking Forward to 30 More!

In 2012, we celebrated 30 years of service, our agency provides year round special educational services for more than 250 children with developmental delays, cognitive impairments and learning disabilities. Our professional staff includes speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, school social workers, school psychologists, and special education teachers. We are looking forward to the next 30.

Since 1982, our summer program, Therapy and Fun has served almost 700 children with disabilities who need ongoing therapy. Therapy and Fun integrates speech-language, motor and sensory therapies to maximize progress for children with disabilities These therapies help children get ready to read, build strength to draw and write, and increase their successes in school. Unique in West Michigan, our summer program offers children up to nine hours of intensive therapy per week, offers teen volunteers a hands-on career mentoring experience, and gives families support and respite.