Scope and Philosophy

Our Statement of Philosophy

An independent therapy center is a unique organization in a community, bringing together the human, physical, and financial resources to focus on the clients. Specifically, Comprehensive Therapy Center represents such a unique organization combining community leadership, administrative expertise, professional excellence, employee competence and physical resources, giving it the potential and responsibility to act for the improved health of children and adults.

Interdisciplinary programming is a key element of the Comprehensive Therapy Center. By having the ability to provide a team approach to clients, CTC has the ability to meet the specific and specialized needs of its clients.

The staff works within the community as a client advocate as well as provider of service. Through close cooperation of agencies the aim is to provide quality service to clients.

CTC’s Objectives:

  • To bring about positive change in clients’ lives.
  • To work with a variety of community agencies to assure high quality services for families.
  • To coordinate activities with other agencies in the greater Grand Rapids area to meet the needs of families.

Scope of Services

Our team at Comprehensive Therapy Center helps children walk, talk, learn, and play. We provide a range of services for those in need in our community. This includes our summer program Therapy and Fun, school based services, services to mental health agencies, and specialized in-house programs.

Therapy and Fun

Unique in West Michigan our summer program, Therapy and Fun, offers children intensive speech, motor and sensory therapy, provides teen volunteers with opportunities for service learning, and gives families support and respite. We collaborate with the child’s school and doctor. Parents and caregivers are invited to a weekly parent inservice. Our professional staff include speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers, and a program director.

Staff begins each day with an inservice to discuss each child’s therapy goals and practices to maximize progress. Children attend therapy sessions in a relaxed environment Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings for at least six weeks each summer. Progress is recorded on a data sheet with daily input, a weekly summary and discharge report. At the conclusion clients are discharged to their school districts with documentation of progress made throughout the summer.
Children who attend our program are between the ages of double-digit months to double-digit years. Children referred to our program often have multiple medical diagnoses often including autism, brain tumors, cerebral palsy, child abuse and neglect, developmental delays, cognitive impairments, drug exposure, genetic disorders, or feeding issues. Prior to admission to Therapy and Fun a screening appointment is held to determine client capabilities and needs.

More than 90% of the children enrolled in Therapy and Fun are from low-income families, un- or under-insured, or on government supported health care programs. We have a scholarship fund and a sliding scale for families.

School-Based Services

The agency provides year-round special education services in schools for children with developmental, physical and/or genetic disorders. Our agency contracts with schools across West Michigan, working seamlessly alongside teachers helping students with special needs reach their potential. Our therapists serve students with developmental or cognitive impairments and learning disabilities. Our professional staff includes speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, school social workers and psychologists, and teacher consultants who work with children with special needs or who are at-risk.

We conduct evaluations, provide direct therapy, contribute to Individual Education Plans, counsel students, and offer in-services. Our team designs admission, therapy, and discharge protocols in accordance with applicable laws. Our team works with children and school staff during the as requested school day. We become part of the school’s team working to educate children.

Mental Health Agencies

The agency provides year-round services to children and adults with developmental disabilities through contracts with community mental health agencies. We perform evaluations, develop care plans, and monitor the progress of direct care providers. Our team designs admission, therapy, and discharge protocols in accordance with applicable laws. Our professional staff includes our speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists. Our team works with the children and adults at mutually convenient times.

In-House Services

CTC also provides services through programs developed by our staff. Such services include:

  • Individualized Therapy. One-on-one or small group therapy sessions for children between the ages of double-digit months to double-digit years are offered in our office, by our professional staff. Prior to services a screening appointment is held to determine client capabilities and needs. We provide therapy in areas including speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, tutoring, educational psychology, and oro-facial myology. Progress is recorded on a data sheet and progress report each session; discharge reports are generated at the conclusion of services. We have also designed and offer an accent modification therapy program for adult non-native English speakers. Sessions are scheduled during office hours or at other mutually agreed upon times. Payment for services is either billed to the client or their insurance.
  • Continuing Education. We offer two different kinds of continuing education for teachers. The first is for pre-school and daycare providers. Those classes revolve around normal and disordered development of motor, sensory, speech and language, and behavior. The second is for elementary teachers. These continuing education classes include topics such as handwriting, and managing and accommodating special needs children. Sessions are offered in our office and scheduled during office hours, late afternoons, Saturdays or other mutually agreed upon times. Payments for classes are on an individual basis although some employers reimburse for these classes.