This Giving Tuesday make a difference in a child's life

This #GIVINGTUESDAY make a difference in a child’s life.

CTC provides innovative therapy programs to underserved children with developmental disabilities across West Michigan. As we wrap up our 38th year, we are reminded what it means to be a supporting community. 2020 has presented many challenges for our organization, community and the children we serve. The closing of schools and services has disproportionately affected children with developmental differences. CTC is about inclusivity and accomplishing a child’s personal development goals. We recognize the educational and developmental disparities COVID-19 has caused. We are anticipating an increased need for therapy services in 2021 and are calling on you to help us make 2021 a comeback year for our CTC community. 

Where & how your donations will be used

Comprehensive Therapy Center is a non-profit organization providing therapy services to children with developmental differences. We offer many programs and services such as Therapy and Fun, tutoring and in-clinic therapy visits. We invite you to explore these services to see that each dollar donated is providing families and children the care and support they need to receive necessary therapy services. Join us in making a difference in these children’s lives and helping them walk, talk, learn and play.


Therapy and Fun is a program for children during the summer months. Groups of children will meet with a therapy team consisting of a speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and dance/movement therapist to set goals and work to accomplish them in a 5-week program. This program is very important because many families in our community are unable to access therapy for their children but we are proud to be able to offer financial support . Our vision is to continue making therapies and services available to all by continuing to build a fund dedicated to family support. This fund will be dedicated to assuring each child with developmental differences is provided the summer therapy and services they would have otherwise not received. Help a family make this program a reality for their child by making CTC your #GIVINGTUESDAY organization.


UP! (Unleash Potential) combines movement, tutoring, and therapies into one. Covid-19 and summer break created many gaps in education and those with developmental differences have been disproportionately affected. UP! Was created to help children with developmental differences get caught up and on track for success. We ask that you help these children receive the care and support they need by making CTC your #GIVINGTUESDAY organization.


We offer many services in our clinic for children with developmental differences. Your donation will be going to helping continue these services and care for the children. We offer occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, dance movement therapy, myofunctional therapy and sensory therapy. Help support these children walk, talk, learn and play by making CTC your #GIVINGTUESDAY organization.


This #GIVINGTUESDAY help make a difference in a child’s life. We want to continue supporting families and children receive the necessary therapy services that they may not otherwise receive. You can help us do this with a donation of any amount. All donations will go directly to supporting the children and families in our community. 

We are asking for your support in helping children meet their goals. This might mean you will help support a child articulate their first word, communicate to their loved one or play catch with a friend. These are all huge strides in our children’s lives here and we invite you to celebrate these with us.