Therapy and funding

Therapy & Fun(ding)

This week is Therapy and Fun(ding)!
We are excited to continue the annual Therapy & Fun program this year. This program is important to minimize summer learning loss and provide therapy to children with developmental disabilities.
This week we are dedicating our efforts to funding Therapy & Fun so we can continue helping children walk, talk, learn, and play. Every donation will directly support a child in our summer program.

Where & how your donations will be used

During Therapy and Fun, children meet with a therapy team consisting of a speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and dance/movement therapist to set goals and work to accomplish them throughout the summer. This program is very important because many families in our community are unable to access therapy for their children.

It is from the help of our community and donors that we are able to provide children with developmental disabilities the therapy they may have otherwise not received. 

Your donations are making this program a reality for a childin our community. All donations are apprecited!

Thank you to our donors, staff, volunteers and clients. We can’t wait to see the smiles and laughter at this year’s Therapy & Fun.