• Career information and advice from local professionals.
  • Information on overcoming barriers often faced by marginalized students. 
  • Mentorship program. 
  • Support from program staff until professional licensure. 
  • Therapy Aide volunteer job experience opportunities. 
  • Connection to local colleges and universities. 
  • $100 stipend.
  • Part of a Marginalized Community
  • Reside in Kent County
  • Attend High School
  • Able to Commit to the Whole Program

All sessions meet Monday evening, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.

February 8th: Orientation

February 15th: Letters After Your Name: Degrees and Certifications + Ask a Speech Pathologist

February 22nd: Barriers and How to Smash Them + Ask an Occupational Therapist

March 1st: Ask a Dance/Movement Therapist + Ask a Social Worker

March 8th: Open Discussion + Ask a Physical Therapist

March 15th: Internships, Resumes, and Admissions Letters

March 22nd: Celebration!

As part of this program, we will try to connect every student who is committed to a healthcare career with a mentor. This may not happen during the program itself, but rather during the summer. If you know anyone who would be an ideal mentor, please contact Summer Wright: (616) 559-1054 or swright@therapycenter.org

Q: Do I need to have been a Therapy and Fun volunteer to apply?
A: No; all eligible students are encouraged to apply.

Q: I don’t have a computer at home. How can I attend?
A: CTC will provide iPads to students who need them. If you don’t have internet, we can work together to find a solution for you.

Q: I am only interested in some of the professions. Can I skip the other sessions?
A: To build a relationship with your cohort, to learn about a variety of healthcare careers, to hear helpful information beyond teach guest speaker’s profession, and to qualify for the stipend, you must attend all sessions (unless excused by the program director).

Q: Is this program going to be virtual or in-person?
A: Virtual, via Zoom.

Q: Will there be another program next year?
 We hope so!

Janice Wilks, MA
Programs Director
(616) 559-1054

Comprehensive Therapy Center is a Grand Rapids-based agency that serves children with developmental delays and disabilities. Our team of professionals – including speech, occupational, dance/movement, and physical therapists – provide services that help children walk, talk, learn, and play.

CTC is honored to have about fifty teen therapy aides volunteer every summer. These high schoolers are diverse members of our community and passionate about therapy careers. But when we need to hire licensed professionals for our programs, we see that about 90% of people in these fields are white women.

This program seeks to help break down the barriers marginalized students face when pursuing healthcare careers through mentorship, practical support, and knowledge.

The 2021 program, led by CTC Programs Director Janice Wilks, will feature diverse professionals from our community to answer your questions and support your career goals. We will meet on Zoom.

There is a $100 stipend for each student participant at the end of the 7 week program. At the end of the program, we will connect you to a mentor and follow your progress through brief annual surveys until you earn your license or cease pursuing a healthcare career.

All applications are due by midnight on January 31st.

If you have questions or would like help filling out this form, please contact Janice Wilks at (616) 559-1054 or jwilks@therapycenter.org.

This program was funded in part by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Youth Grant Committee.