Social Groups

COVID-19 has made socializing difficult, especially for our kiddos. As things open back up, we’re relearning how to interact with others without a computer screen in the middle.

This summer, CTC is launching a new program, simply called Social Groups. This five week program will be set up for kids ages 3-14 who would like to improve their social skills the CTC way: by having fun!

Maria Flory MA, CF-SLP

Let’s Get Together!

This summer, Social Groups will be run by our wonderful Speech-Language Pathologist, Maria Flory.

Once a week for an hour, kids will get together in groups based on age range and participate in activities like games and crafts. While engaged, they’ll get to work on communication and socialization with kids their own age.

Who Can Attend?

Social Groups will be open to kids age 3-14 with developmental disabilities who would like to improve their social skills. The groups will be split into age range, so your kiddo can make friends with others around their age.

When Is It?

Social Groups start on July 12 and will meet once a week for one hour until August 9. Sessions will be held Mondays from
For specific times, please contact us.

Where Is It?

Social Groups will meet right here at the CTC office:
2505 Ardmore SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

How Much Is It?

The cost of Social Groups will be $125 per child for the entire five week program. Payment will be due upfront.

Unfortunately, this program will not be covered by insurance. However, CTC never wants money to be the only barrier keeping your child from achieving their goals.
If you have concerns about the cost, please gives us a call at (616) 559-1054

Interest Form

If Social Groups seems like a good fit for your child, please fill out the interest form below and we’ll get back to you.