Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists have ways to make you talk! 

speech1Language is the complex process of thinking, speaking, and swallowing. Our staff of communication specialists help with understanding directions, speech sounds, grammar, and vocabulary.

Listening and understanding are key to processing communication. Individuals with autism often have difficulty speaking in social situations.

Fluency: Some children have difficulty that can be fleeting or long lasting. Stuttering is an anxiety producer in families and has an impact on daily activities. This impact can be affected by how the child and others react to the disorder. Therapy focuses on stress reduction and techniques for improved speech.

Tongue thrust (myofunctional therapy) is a specialized treatment that our speech-language pathologists provide. This therapy aims to change swallowing patterns so that orthodontia can be more effective.

AAC: Occasionally a child needs a special piece of equipment, technology, or sign language in order to say what they mean.

Home from the Hospital: A child who has been in the hospital for an extended period might need specialized skills for learning how to chew and swallow. Some children need therapy after surgery for a cleft lip or palate.

speech2Voice: We all experience problems with our voices, such as hoarseness or the inability to produce any sound at all. Colds, allergies, bronchitis, indigestion and swallowing difficulties, exposure to chemical irritants, or cheering for a favorite sports team can all cause these problems. Therapy teaches strategies for efficient and effective use of the voice.

You name it. If it has to do with listening, understanding, or speaking we can help!

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