Animal Walks For Strength & Play

1. Bunny – Raise the hands to the side of the head. Hop on both feet. Wiggle the ears as you hop by moving the hands.

2. Baby Chicks – Stoop low to the floor. Hold hands facing down, Join thumb and second fingers. Open and shut the hands as the chicks pack around.

3. Rocking Horse – Stand with hands on hips and legs astride. Rock forward lifting heels from the floor, rock backward lifting toes and continue.

4. Rooster Walk – Holding the head and chest high, strut forward with knees straight and hands at the side of the chest. Wiggle elbows as flapping wings.

5. Bear Walk – Bend over from the waist and touch the floor with the hands. Keep the legs stiff. Move forward walking the hands and plod the feet behind in a cross lateral fashion. Keep the head up.

6. Birds – Stand on tiptoe and wave the arms slowly up and down. As the “wings” move faster, run tippy-toe around as if you were flying. As the flapping slows down, the bird comes slowly to a stop.

7. Elephants – Bending forward at the waist, allow the arms to hang limp. Big, lumbering steps should sway from side to side as you walk, imitating an elephant and his trunk.

8. Ostrich – Bending forward at the waist, grasp the ankles. Keep the knees as stiff as you can. Walk forward, stretching your neck in and out.

9. Kangaroo – Stand with the feet together. Bend the elbows out from the body. Leave the hands dangle limply. Do a deep bend with the knees and jump forward.

10. Duck – Do a deep knee bend. Place your hands behind your back with the outsides together and fingers extended as the tail of a duck. Walk forward one foot at a time, but remain in the knee bend position.

11. Frog – Do a deep knee bend with your hands on your hips. Extend one leg to the side and return. Extend the other leg to the side and return.

12. Prancing Horses – Standing, fold arms across the chest. Throw the head upward and back. Prance around, lifting feet high and pointing toes.

13. Crane – Standing, raise one leg off the floor, keeping the knees straight. At the same time, raise both arms out to the side to shoulder height. Hop on one foot in a circle, turning to the left and then to the right.

14. Stork – Stand on one foot and grasp the opposite foot in the back. Hop forward a few steps and then backward. Use the free arm to balance.

15. Rabbit – Squat low on the heels. Place the hands palm down, fingers pointing toward the floor. In this position, move the hands forward, and bring the feet forward between the hands with a little jump. Continue moving about in this fashion, simulating a rabbit.

16. Crab – In a squatting position, ranch backward with the arms and put both hands flat on the floor behind you. Raise up until the head, neck and body are in a straight line. The head etc. should be parallel with the floor. Walk or run in this inverted position.

17. Dog Run – Gallop by running forward with both hands on the floor and the knees slightly bent.

18. Galloping Horse – Stand on the right foot, raise the left knee. Step forward on the left foot bringing the right foot to the heel of the left. Then raise the left knee and continue to step with this lead. Change and lead off with the right foot.

19. Measuring Worm – Support the body by the hands and toes. Hold the arms straight shoulder width apart and directly under the shoulders. Keep the body in a straight line from head to toe. With the hands remaining stationary, walk the feet up to as close to the hands as possible, taking tiny steps. The body is not to sag. Next, keeping the feet stationary, walk the hands forward in tiny steps until the first position is reached.

20. Bear Dance – Squat on one heel and extend the other foot forward. With a firm straight back and arms stretched forward, balance. Rapidly change the extended foot.

21. Seal or Walrus Walk – Assume a position flat on the floor. Push up the entire body with the arms keeping the knees straight. Walk forward with the arms while the feet drag behind.

22. Frog Hop – Assume a squat position. Place the hands on the floor outside of the feet. Lean forward several times landing on both feet.

23. Caterpillar – Lying face down on the floor, raise yourself up on your hands. Keep the elbows and knees stiff. Walk the feet two steps, walk the hands two steps, continue.

24. Chicken Walk – In a squatting position, reach around the outside of the leg and grasp the ankle. Move forward and backward in short quick steps.

25. Swan Dive – Kneel down on one knee. Extend the opposite leg backward. Stretch the arms out to the side for balance. Bending forward, touch the chin to the floor. Return to the original position without touching the floor with the extended foot. For variation, fold a piece of paper and stand it upon the floor to be picked up as the Swan Dives.