Parent and Caregiver Library 

Welcome to Comprehensive Therapy Center’s Parent and Caregiver Blog. This will be home to all tips, activities and resources for you and your loved ones. Each week our staff will be sharing new information with you on their role, fun findings and information your family may find helpful and fun to incorporate into your lives. Jump on in and explore and feel free to leave comments and suggestions for future content you hope to see!

Educational Resources

Our educational resources section will include resources from our therapists about programs and events we are offering. Every other week our therapists will share information to you that is practical and fun.  They will offer ideas on how to continue incorporating therapy fun at home!

Fun Activities

Our Fun Activities blog will include fun and practical activities that can be done from home! CTC is all about incorporating therapy and learning into everything we do. Stay up to date on all the fun our therapists can share with you and how to continue that fun and learning at home!