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For almost 40 years, CTC has provided innovative therapy programs to under-served children with developmental disabilities across West Michigan. We not only focus on children’s therapy, but we also work with families, inspire youth volunteers, and recruit and train therapy students from universities. We serve hundreds of children every month, and in the summer, shape the future leaders of community-driven nonprofit healthcare.
It’s you that makes that possible.

Department Wishlists

Prefer to donate gifts instead of money? We got you! Click one of the buttons below to be directed to one of our Department Wishlists on Amazon. The items on these lists were hand picked by our team and will be used to help our clients walk, talk, learn, and play. When you purchase an item from the wishlist, please click “This order contains a gift” before proceeding to the checkout and input CTC’s address.


A $30 donation allows a child to start their own home library.

Therapy Session

Donate $60 to give a speech therapy session for a disadvantaged child

New Equipment

A donation of $100 allows our facilities to get new equipment to improve our therapies.


A $230 donation will allow a disadvantaged child to receive an evaluation for a developmental disability.

Teletherapy iPad

This $429 donation will give the technology resources needed to have teletherapy.

Sponsor Therapy & Fun

Donate $1,000 to sponsor a child to go to our seven-week summer program!

A note about covering transaction fees: The transaction fee is automatically calculated on this form, and comes out to just over 3% of your total donation. If you choose the option to cover this fee, 100% of your donation amount goes to the children in our programs. If not, 3% of your gift will go to the credit card processing company we use.  If you have questions, please email us.