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Community Screenings

Is your child meeting their milestones?

Developmental milestones are a big deal! Knowing if your child has been meeting them or not is usually a vital clue to what therapeutic services they can benefit from. CTC is proud to offer community screenings to help you know more about your child’s development!

This program provides developmental screenings to detect delays in speech, language, motor, and social skills in children ages 1-5 years. Qualified Speech and Occupational Therapists will facilitate fun play-based activities to get a “snapshot” of a child’s skills and needs. Families will be provided with appropriate next steps following the screening.

Join us Saturday February 18th, 2023


Cost: $25

Call to set up your 30 min screening

What’s a Developmental Screening?

A developmental screening is an early intervention strategy to help identify children aged 12 – 66 months who are at risk or whose caregivers have concerns regarding delays or differences in communication, motor, or early learning skills. They are a regular tool used during development to identify areas of growth in children. The results of a developmental screening can help you learn what therapeutic services your child could benefit from, and it’s a great first step to take if parents have questions or concerns about their child’s development.