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Full Circle Family Coaching

Stay in the loop on your child’s progress, round up your goals at home!

Bring your therapy full circle.

We all want what’s best for our children, and CTC is here to help. We know that your child’s progress on their therapeutic goals doesn’t start and end at our clinic’s door— that’s why we’re expanding our services for a “full circle” experience! Full Circle Family Coaching is dedicated one-on-one time that allows parents and caregivers to meet with our therapists without the child present. We want to offer our families the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress, in-depth and without distraction. Our therapists are here to equip you with the tools to foster growth at home!

Full Circle Family Coaching is open to caregivers of all CTC clients. Our coaching sessions can take place alongside your child’s therapy, or even after they have been discharged to continue goal-setting at home.

What's the difference between coaching and counseling?

What are the benefits?

Booking a coaching session with your child’s therapist can offer numerous benefits for parents and caregivers. Our therapists’ expertise enables them to identify and address any underlying developmental obstacles your child may be facing. We want to share that expertise with you, by providing tailored guidance and strategies for your child’s specific needs!

Full Circle Family Coaching sessions create an opportunity to gain valuable insights into your child’s inner world and develop a deeper understanding of their needs, strengths, and challenges. By working collaboratively with the therapist, you can learn techniques to support your child’s progress at home, promoting positive growth across the board.

These coaching sessions also offer a space for you to discuss any concerns, stressors, or anxieties you may have about your child’s progress. Come Full Circle, and leave feeling empowered to play an active and informed role in supporting your child’s development in and outside of our clinic!


Booking your Full Circle Family Coaching Session

To book your coaching session, please call our office at (616)559-1054 or send us an email at operations@therapycenter.org.
For your convenience, we offer sessions in-person or virtually.


What’s the difference between these coaching sessions and sitting in on your child’s appointment?
During your child’s appointment, we focus on them and their therapeutic goals. During a coaching session, we focus on you and your concerns as a caregiver, while providing an in-depth action plan for improving your child’s progress at home.

Don’t caregivers already meet with therapists after their child’s appointment? Can’t I learn all about tools for success and receive guidance then?
Our therapists are happy to provide updates and guidance after your child’s appointment— but these conversations tend to be abbreviated, as our therapists are often preparing for their next client. 

What does Family Coaching offer that I wouldn’t get from talking to my child’s therapist after their appointment?
Full Circle Family Coaching is dedicated time just for you! These sessions offer an opportunity to develop a comprehensive strategy to assist your child’s progress at home, and alleviate any concerns you might have about challenges they might be facing.

Is this coaching session considered healthcare?
Coaching is different from counseling in a few ways, but the biggest difference is that coaching provides you with an action plan instead of direct treatment. For that reason, coaching is not considered healthcare and is not billable to insurance. Please see the chart above to learn more about the difference between coaching and counseling.

How does this benefit the child?
When you as a caregiver feel confident that you’re implementing the right strategies at home, your child will be equipped to maintain (or improve) on their progress between their therapy sessions!

Would the session be during the client’s appointment?
Coaching sessions will take place with your child’s therapist at a separate time. This way, your child’s therapist can observe how your child is working towards their goals, and then use that information to create a specific strategy for you as a caregiver.

How crucial is it that the child is not present during the session? 
When you talk to your child’s therapist in the 5-10 minutes after their session, you may find that your child is full of excitement, ready to move on to the next part of their day! We love the playful energy that children bring to our clinic, but it can also divide your attention and make it difficult to listen and feel heard. We believe that having individual time with your child’s therapist, free from distraction, is the best way to serve your needs.

What if I don’t have anyone to watch my child?
No babysitter, no problem! These coaching sessions are 45 minutes long, and we are more than happy to conduct them virtually.