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Wrapping Up Our Jungle Adventure: Our 40th Therapy & Fun

Our 40th session of Therapy & Fun has come to a close and boy, what an adventure! Read on to hear about what our clients were up to this year.How can therapy be fun? We'll show you! Throughout the summer, Therapy & Fun clients worked on their fine and gross...

Celebrating 40 Years of helping children walk, talk, learn and play.

On Thursday, June 30, CTC celebrated its 40th anniversary and our newly refurbished clinic with an open house event. Everyone was invited, from donors to clients to board members. The event kicked off with staff performing a ribbon cutting with the Grand Rapids...

Read to Me Recap: Celebrating Our Clients and Connecting with Leaders

 What is the Read to Me Tea Coloring Contest?In 2005, Read to Me Tea was launched as a celebration of our clients, some of whom are not always recognized in their schools for their unique talents and abilities. Art is important to many aspects of development and is a...

Celebrating Our Spectacular Social Workers

This month, we’re celebrating one of the toughest, but also fastest growing professions: social work. According to the National Association of Social Workers, there are around 720,000 social workers in the US and that number continues to grow. This is fortunate,...

Where Are They Now? Former Therapy & Fun Participants Share Their Stories

“Having stepping stones like your program to be able to be supported and to reach potential at a very young age allowed me to be as successful as possible.” - Jon Krieger  In 1982, Therapy & Fun was started as a way to help children with developmental delays keep...

Resolutions Done Right: Five Tips For Creating and Accomplishing Your Goals This Year

Happy New Year! Now is a great time for reflection, setting goals, and writing the wrong number on dates for at least a month or two. Today, we’re going to be focusing on setting goals. I sat down with Josh Twiest, a counselor here at CTC, to talk about New Year's...

Two Years of Playing and Learning Together

Back in 2020, Comprehensive Therapy Center was fortunate to receive funding from the Kent County Ready by Five Millage to hold our Therapeutic Play & Learn Groups. These groups were created by our programs team to support families of children ages 0-5 with...

An EPIC Announcement!

“Congratulations to everyone at CTC for this award, recognizing the agency’s work to foster community growth through efforts that are entrepreneurial, progressive, innovative and collaborative.” – Tom Miller, CTC Board President

More Alike Than Different: Interview with Roshelle Seals, Board VP of the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan

October is Down Syndrome awareness month! If you don’t know, Down Syndrome is a condition that occurs when a child is born with an extra chromosome. According to the CDC, about 1 in 700 babies are born with Down Syndrome and it can affect anyone, regardless of race or...

No Tricks, Just Treats: Tips for Celebrating Halloween With Neurodiverse Children

Trick or treat! The only time it’s expected of you to take candy from strangers. Children everywhere are counting down the days to when they can put on that Spiderman costume, be out after dark, and stock up on sweets that won’t last the weekend. Well, maybe not all...


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