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Born 3 months early at 12 inches long and just over 2 pounds, Lennox burst into the world and immediately changed the lives of those around her. “She was the most precious, the most special, the most wonderful little thing that I had ever seen,”  says her grandpa, Ernie Silverthorn, a former teacher and coach. While her premature birth brought many complications – the first 135 days of her life were spent in the NICU at Helen Devos’ children’s hospital, enduring three life-saving surgeries – Lennox was able to push through thanks to the help of her family and her community.

Baby Lennox

“We got lots of help at home,” Ernie explained. “There was a home nurse that would come in … Early On came to our house …  We got her into an early childhood special education program at Campus right here in Grand Rapids Public Schools … They were so kind and so supportive.”

Lennox snaps a pic of her pals.

Eleven years later, Lennox is now a creative pre-teen who loves singing, playing instruments and taking photos of her friends from Sesame Street. She receives a variety of therapies to help find success in her day to day life. She’s participated in CTC’s summer program, Therapy & Fun four times. “… one of the things about Lennox,” says Ernie, “She is going to stick to things if she enjoys doing it, or if it’s something she knows she’s supposed to do, she’ll stick to it.”

Ernie expressed gratitude for the community resources (Like Therapy & Fun) his family has had access to. “It’s difficult. It can be really hard to navigate the system.” Ernie explains, “Sometimes it can be incredibly expensive. I can’t even imagine not having a support system to be able to navigate all of that and make sure your child gets everything that they need.”

At CTC, we know that many families struggle to afford the help they need for their child to thrive. We work hard to make sure that our services are affordable. Many of our families are able to participate in Therapy & Fun through our scholarship program, which is funded by people like you. Help a child like Lennox walk, talk, learn and play. Donate to Comprehensive Therapy Center today.

Lennox and Ernie dance at Therapy & Fun