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On August 3rd, 2023, Comprehensive Therapy Center concluded our 41st installment of Therapy & Fun, and our second installment of Therapy & Life Skills, at Mayflower Congregational Church. This year’s theme: Under the Sea! From laughter on the playground, to serious faces while doing hard work, to high fives and handshakes— each client experienced growth beyond what we had hoped for. Let’s dive into the highlights of this enriching season, and the incredible partnerships that made it all possible

This year, we were delighted to welcome 40 Therapy & Fun clients, and 10 Therapy & Life Skills clients! Our kiddos played their way through over 2300 hours of therapy, and knocked their goals out of the park.

Our Therapy & Fun clients achieved 81% of their speech goals, and an impressive 90% of their occupational therapy goals. Our friends in Therapy & Life Skills accomplished 65% of their speech goals, and 62% of their occupational therapy goals— which means that, between both programs, we were right on track with the 75% average we were aiming for! Dance Movement and Social Work did not set particular goals, but were happy to see widespread improvement in social skills and body awareness.

We’re so proud of our clients’ progress this summer. Our secret recipe for success? Our incredible staff, dedicated volunteers, and generous sponsors! Without their collective efforts, our summer programming wouldn’t be possible. Having the support of our local community, cheering us on as we share updates through social media, is the cherry on top!

We are so grateful to have been joined by 38 volunteers, who generously contributed over 2200 hours of their time. Alongside 16 therapists, 4 program staff members,16 graduate student interns, and our admin staff, this incredible team worked together to create an environment of growth, learning, and support.

It’s easy to break it down by the stats, but the impact of our volunteers is an immeasurable cornerstone of our programs’ success. Throughout the summer, our volunteers serve as a built-in-buddy for our clients to rely on. Our volunteers’ hard work enriched the children’s experiences, eased transitions throughout each day of the program, and provided critical support for our team of therapists. To all those who volunteered, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for making a lasting difference in the lives of our clients.

While our staff and volunteers put in hard work with their hands-on efforts, our sponsors were helping us move mountains behind-the-scenes. From the outside looking in, it might be hard to gauge just what a world of difference their support makes. But as a small non-profit striving to make a big difference in our community, we owe so much of our sustained growth to the charitable contributions of our donors. A crucial part of our mission is to give back to our community, but the way that our sponsor community returns this investment is never lost on us. We simply cannot thank them enough.

As Therapy & Fun drew to a close, we were excited to raise some DOUGH with our second annual pizza fundraiser at The Mitten Brewing Co. on July 31st! In the days and weeks leading up to the fundraiser, we served up many a-pizza pun, inviting our community to join us for a slice of the action. In just one day, our friends at The Mitten Foundation helped our non-profit raise over $3,200 by generously donating 50% of their food sales! The house was packed, and we’re indebted to our community for making this fundraiser a smashing success. The funds raised were channeled right back into the Therapy & Fun Scholarship Program, ensuring that more children can access our services— especially as we already begin to look towards next year’s edition of our summer programming.

It’s bittersweet to conclude another year of our summer programming, but we’re keeping the momentum going as we eagerly anticipate the launch of Therapy & Fun and Therapy & Life Skills 2024. Mark your calendars for February, when enrollment opens for the next adventure! We’re thrilled to welcome you back to our programs year after year, where new experiences, achievements, and connections await. In the meantime, CTC is honored to keep cheering our clients on as they prepare for the academic year ahead. We hope that it’s not “goodbye,” but instead, “until next time!”

As summer comes to an end, we hope that you keep us in mind, as Comprehensive Therapy Center is committed to serving our community year-round. We always have opportunities to help children walk, talk, learn, and play! We invite you to explore our diverse range of programs, including Diversity In Healthcare, Staycation, Therapeutic Play & Learn Groups, CTC Games, Full Circle Family Coaching, and Individual Therapy. In every way possible, we’re here to provide resources and support for families seeking continued growth and progress.

The echoes of growth, achievement, and community resonate in the memories created during Therapy & Fun and Therapy & Life Skills 2023. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our sponsors, partners, volunteers, and staff who made this journey possible. With your continued support, we aspire towards a future filled with limitless progress, learning, and connection for the community we serve.

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