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Clients in the school systems and mental health agencies follow their established polices.

For Therapy and Fun clients, we have established the following policy. Clients are encouraged to voice comments and concerns to our staff. However, we realize that there are times when a formal process is required to promote proper resolution of the questions or concerns that a client may have. Therefore, CTC has provided a complaint procedure.

CTC prohibits any form of retaliation or intimidation against employees or clients who report good-faith concerns of discriminatory, harassing or unethical conduct, or who participate in investigations of such conduct.



Step 1 – The client should speak with a staff member regarding their complaint. If a parent of a Therapy and Fun client addresses a concern or complaint to a volunteer or activities staff member, they should be referred to the Therapy and Fun Director, Program Coordinator, or a therapist. The CTC staff member shall contact the Therapy and Fun Director to inform him/her of the complaint. The Therapy and Fun Director will respond to the complaint within 24 hours.

Step 2 – If the client feels that Step 1 did not resolve his/her complaint, then the Therapy and Fun Director will advise the client to complete a complaint form the next day. The form is available by request and is available in our office and on this website page. The complaint form will be sent to the Executive Director.

Step 3 – The Executive Director will call the client within 24 hours to discuss the complaint. The Executive Director will respond to the complaint accordingly. A plan to solve the issue will be in place within 24 hours.

Step 4 – Should the Executive Director fail to solve the problem or should the client is dissatisfied with the Executive Director’s response, the client may appeal to the Board of Directors within 24 hours.

Step 5 – The Board Directors will respond with 48 hours. The response and resolution from the Board of Directors shall be written and conclusive.

Step 6 – If you feel you continue to have an unresolved problem, you may contact our accrediting organization, CARF.

Complaint Form