Assistive Technology Services

We can help you improve your skills with your low tech, high tech, and speech generating AAC equipment. Read more

Speech-Language Pathology

Special Education ServicesLanguage is the complex process of thinking, speaking, and swallowing. Our staff of communication specialists help with understanding directions, speech sounds, grammar, and vocabulary.  Listening and understanding are key to processing communication. Individuals with autism often have difficulty speaking in social situations.  Read more

Occupational and Physical Therapies

Read to Me a teacher reading to a childOccupational Therapy: Occupation is work and a child’s work is play. Occupational therapy helps to do work which may be play on the playground, work in the classroom, and help at home. There is nothing better than a child who says, “ I made it all by myself” or, “Look what I can do.”  Physical Therapy: Aligns the brain and muscles in a traditional, holistic, systematic approach (the Feldenkrais model) to improve body awareness and ease of daily activities.  Read More

Educational and Psychological Services

Therapy and Fun Summer ProgramWhen children struggle in school, the frustration can seem overwhelming. Whether the child is falling behind or trying to get ahead, Comprehensive Therapy Center has the tools to help achieve success. Our tutors are special education teachers adept at working with all children needing a boost, reentering the school system from a closed head injury, or having developmental disability.  Read More

 Acupressure, Acupuncture, and Oriental Medicine

Therapy and Fun VolunteersTraditional Oriental Medicine is useful for children with constipation, cough, diarrhea, fever, or who are teething. It also helps with digestive dysfunctions and other difficulties.  Our Oriental Medicine Physician Irv Marcus works on treating the whole person and specializes in providing safe, natural treatments to people of all ages. Read More

Accent Modification

accentreductionAre you often misunderstood when you speak to people at work? Do you find yourself repeating yourself because of your homeland accent? Our speech-language pathologists can help you more effectively communication and reduce frustration. Read more.

Special Education Services

Individual Therapy SessionsComprehensive Therapy Center provides special education services to students across West Michigan.  Our therapists seamlessly enter your school and work with your staff helping students to walk, talk, learn, and play – so they can succeed in school.All of the therapy and services we provide to children are focused on developing the building blocks for academic success:  health and physical development, emotional and social well-being, a positive approach to learning, communication skills, and cognitive development.  Read More

Tutoring for Academic Success

tutoringOur tutors have over 25 years of experience working with students of all ages who have are living with a learning disability perhaps due to a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury or a disorder in understanding or using language. Individual one-on-one tutoring sessions focus directly on the student for maximum progress. Contact us for more information.

Individual Therapy Sessions and Classes

Individual Therapy SessionsIs your child in need of a little extra help in speech or occupational therapy? Our therapists can supplement therapy received in school for faster progress. We also help children who do not get special education services. We have classes for parents and teachers, too! Read more.

Family Literacy Programs

Read to Me a teacher reading to a childThe Read to Me program helps families with zero to five year old children foster literacy in their homes.  Books are given away as parents learn how children learn to read and how to read to their children.  Results are published in a white paper: Read more.

The Champion Reader Workshops build language and reading skills of preschool to second grade students.  Parents and children engage in hands-on activities that encourages learning and reading.

Therapy and Fun Summer Program

Therapy and Fun Summer ProgramDoes your child need summer therapy to maintain the skills he or she learned in school? For 28 years, our summer program, Therapy and Fun, has offered children nine hours of intensive therapy per week and gives families support, encouragement, and respite. We integrate speech-language, motor and sensory therapies to maximize progress for children with disabilities. Read more.

Therapy and Fun Volunteer Therapy Aides – Building Community Stewards

Therapy and Fun VolunteersAre you looking for a meaningful summer service learning program? At Therapy and Fun, volunteers get real-life career experience working alongside therapists. Through our unique combination of therapy, mentoring, and volunteerism we promote a culture dedicated to positively supporting children with disabilities. Read more.

Social Language Groups

Social Language TherapyWe have fun while sharpening our social skills!  Led by one of our amazing speech pathologists, a group of 3 – 6 children meet for one hour per week for ten weeks.  During this time they will learn how to engage in interactive conversations.. Read more.

Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT)

Dance therapyDance/Movement Therapy is all about the process of dancing and moving. Instead of talking through therapy, you dance about it.  DMT can foster creative self-expression, and provides safe and effective options for relating to others and coping with the environment.  Our therapist is one of three registered DMT therapists in West Michigan. Read more.

Sensory Therapy

Sensory TherapyWe can help find balance through play and work.  This therapy may be helpful if your child struggles with visual input, response to noise, movement and balance, or stimulation coming from the environment.   Read more.

Myofunctional Therapy – “Tongue Thrust”

Myofunctional - Tongue TherapyDuring swallowing and during rest posture the tongue may contribute to an unwanted moving of the teeth.  It can be caused by a number of factors including thumb and finger sucking habits, neurological problems, or development problems to name a few.  We can help correct tongue thrust which may guide the teeth into a desirable relationship during the growth and development years, and assist in stabilizing the teeth during and/or after orthodontic treatment and/or surgery. Read more.