Sensory Therapy

We can help find balance through play and work

This therapy may be helpful if your child struggles in the following areas:

  • Visual input – Being sensitive to bright lights, distracted by movements or with spatial relationships.
  • Response to noise – Bothered by loud sounds or makes extra noises
  • Movement and balance – In constant motion or afraid of being off the ground.
  • Self – feedback on how the body uses all of the stimulation coming from the environment.  Playing too forcefully or with not enough force.  Not being coordinated or using smooth moves to complete tasks or movements.

Our therapists have trained using two specialized programs:

  • The first uses balance, auditory processing, visual tracking through exercises.  This helps develop hand-eye coordination, visual tracking skills and crossing the mid-line.
  • The second increases attention in concentration, relationship and communication, memory and organizational skills.  The goal is to improve reading, writing, language, and numerical skills.

    Individual Sensory Diet for home and school environments.

    Environmental Modifications to allow improved functioning.

    Caregiver Education and Support for understanding and adjusting needs.

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