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Did you notice some interesting goings on around Grand Rapids last Friday, September 12? People in red shirts pulling weeds, working on houses, labeling Goodwill clothes, and more? There was a very good reason for that, and CTC was in on the action!
On Friday, we hosted a 2014 Day of Caring event. Sponsored and organized by the Heart of West Michigan United Way for nearly two decades now, the Day of Caring is largest corporate volunteering day in West Michigan. The stated purpose is to “provide an opportunity for corporate volunteer teams to partner with agencies and schools to increase community engagement.” What it does is allow nonprofits like CTC to not just have volunteers on hand for an entire day of productive work, but also to introduce them to the community needs we try to fill.
This year (CTC’s first for participating), we hosted a group of volunteers from Bissell. We asked them to sort through our 30+ year archive and organize pictures, news articles, brochures, and other memorabilia into scrapbooks.
They did a lovely job, and results were fantastic!  We are so grateful to have some of CTC’s history put together with such care. We couldn’t have asked for better helpers for this task.
It seems our volunteers were happy to be paired with our organization, too. Regina Cran told us, “So far this is my favorite United Way volunteering experience ever!”
A huge thanks to all of our volunteers: Ashley VanGelderen, Shell Teesdale, Morgan Slager, Kristin Schultz, and Regina Cran. You folks made 2014 Day of Caring a great one!
If you want to learn more about Heart of West Michigan United Way and what they do the rest of the year, watch this video.