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Download the PDF version of these instructions here.

Did you know that you can help raise money for Comprehensive Therapy Center by doing something as simple as running a search, playing free games, and buying stuff online?

It’s true! Supporters so far have raised over $300 for CTC just by using the free services of GoodSearch.com. Here’s how.

1. Go to http://www.goodsearch.com. Click on the red “get started” button.

2. You’ll get a box pictured like the one below that asks what charity you want to support. Type in Comprehensive Therapy Center and hit enter or click the blue magnifying glass.

3. The website brings you to a list of ways you can sign up for their services. This allows you to save all of your info and track how much you’ve raised for CTC.

Note: Please don’t ever feel discouraged by small amounts on your ticker. Think about it this way: just twenty bucks a year times 100 users equals $2,000 for children with disabilities!

4. Explore other fun ways to earn cash for Comprehensive Therapy Center. There are games, surveys, offers, shopping carts, and so much more.


That’s it! If you have any questions, please give me a call (616) 559-1054 or send me an e-mail: shodgman@therapycenter.org.