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The second week of Therapy and Fun is kicking off tomorrow, so I thought I’d take a moment to update you on how it’s going.
In a word, it’s been fantastic.
This year we’ve been lucky not only to have a wonderful group of staff doing amazing work, but our senior volunteers have been key in helping the program run smoothly.
“This year has been unbelievable.  I’ve gotten a lot of comments from returning staff about how smoothly things are going,”  our Program Director Jan Wilks said today when I asked her how she felt about our 30th summer.  “We have great volunteers, and we’re off to a great a start because the senior volunteers are doing a fantastic job mentoring new volunteers.  I’m just so pleased with how things are going.  Everyone just seems so positive.  It’s a good thing!”
If you’d like to pop over for a visit to see for yourself how things are going, please let Terese know either via e-mail or by calling the office at (616) 559-1054.
We also have a great Lunch and Learn program coming up in July. Stay tuned for more details!