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Our bolster swing is a powerful activator of various sensory systems. As a therapy tool, it is used to improve posture, balance, and coordination of both sides of the body. Typically, as a child grows, specific developmental milestones are reached. For instance, child will automatically respond to a fall by putting hands down. However, some children never develop these responses. The swing can be used to check a child’s reactions and improve them. Our occupational therapists, Teresa and Marcia, incorporate the swing into their weekly therapy sessions with six year-old Rosie.
“You have to balance all of the time on a swing,” Marcia explained, “We use the swing to find out where Rosie is stuck, and go from there.”
Rosie’s mother, Jessica, has noticed a change in Rosie since the swing was introduced during therapy. “She has more confidence outside of CTC,” Jessica explained, “She climbed a chain ladder at the playground by herself, which she never did before.”
Marcia and Teresa began by finding Rosie’s threshold. “We then push past it in a playful way,” Teresa explained. “She is able to overcome these discomforts and build sensory motor abilities.” Jessica mentioned that Rosie had “complete apprehension” around the swing at first. She slowly overcame this fear and now she “jumps right on and stands up.”
P.S. The swing was purchased by donated funds. Thank you!