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On Thursday, June 30, CTC celebrated its 40th anniversary and our newly refurbished clinic with an open house event. Everyone was invited, from donors to clients to board members. The event kicked off with staff performing a ribbon cutting with the Grand Rapids Chamber and 3rd Ward Commissioner, Senita Lenear. The party got underway and soon the clinic was filled with familiar faces! It was wonderful to connect and reconnect with current and former employees, board members, clients, and their families.  The rooms were filled with smiles and laughter. 

While our guests mingled, they had the opportunity to participate in a silent auction of items kindly donated to us by local businesses throughout Grand Rapids. The auction was a hit, raising over $1000 for our Therapy & Fun scholarship fund.

To the left, a guest enjoys a Health and Wellness basket they won at the auction.

Thanks to everyone for participating in this event!