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Dance Movement Therapy dancing
Creative Arts Therapy Week
March 17, 2021

Creative arts therapies are used by professionals with a focus of implementing art-based methods and creative processes to help those with various physical and mental limitations. The mission is to improve overall wellness. Creative art therapies focus on improving communication and increasing physical, emotional, cognitive and/or social function. 

 In 1979, The National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations, Inc., (NCCATA) was founded. NCCATA is dedicated to promoting creative arts therapies professions. These include art, dance/movement, drama and music. 

 The creative arts therapies are offered at Comprehensive Therapy Center through the work of Sarah Miller BC-DMT, our wonderful Dance/Movement Therapist. 

Dance/movement therapy (DMT) uses movement to help emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of children and adults. Our DMT has worked with many different clients with developmental disabilities such as those with ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, ASD, Down Syndrome and ODD. Sarah works with individuals as well as groups. 

DMT plays a large part in the success of Therapeutic Play Groups and Therapy & Fun. DMT helps people of all ages and diagnoses increase self-awareness, coping skills, and ability to form relationships.

 Creative Arts Therapies Week is March 14-20, 2021. Celebrate today and learn more about how DMT can benefit your child!