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Welcome to Comprehensive Therapy Center’s new blog! We’re a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization in West Michigan that helps disadvantaged children with disabilities walk, talk learn, and play. But, chances are that if you’re reading this blog you know that already! And if you don’t, well, we’ve got a website to tell you all about our history and who we are: https://www.therapycenter.org.
We’ve decided that what we do on a daily basis is pretty cool and we don’t get enough chances to share it with you, our friends in the community. So this blog is going to help you get a closer look at what Comprehensive Therapy Center does every day.
Spring is a big time for the agency. April is Better Occupational Therapy Month and May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. Our speech-language and occupational therapists have an extraordinary impact on children who have problems speaking, understanding, or moving. Thanks to their work, children are learning to walk, talk, learn, and play. One of the ways we celebrate their work is to hold a drawing contest among students receiving therapy.
This year’s drawing contest was called “My Favorite Way to Play”. Students used their markers, crayons, and creativity to show us us how they love to spend their free time. The winners, their parents, and the principals of their schools were invited to our annual “Read to Me Tea.” School principals read out loud to the children, who enjoyed the cookies, tea, and stories. Winners not only got to select two books to take home with them, but they also get to see their art turned into note cards! Both students and therapists get to take the note cards home with them.
We had a great time! Check out some of the photos below to see kids proudly displaying their winning artwork.