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Today was a rainy day in Grand Rapids, which meant that the morning’s occupational therapy (OT) was moved inside.

Our volunteers are always up for a challenge, though. Even our newest volunteer, Torin, was excited about the indoor obstacle course we set up to keep our clients engaged and working towards their goals.

The tunnel system we set up was definitely a hit! Our young clients had a fantastic time making their way through it, developing core muscle strength and balance as they went.

We set up some mats to create a labyrinth that the children could navigate through on their scooters. This was a very popular and exciting feature of the obstacle course!

We also brought our big scooters into the hallway for practicing coordination skills.

Did you know that catching bean bags while on rocker boards is much harder than it looks?

We made the best of it and had a fabulous day! Now we’re going to practice some of our objectives and say “Good bye!”

For more information on Therapy and Fun, our summer program for children with disabilities, please click here.