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’17 Summary of Therapy and Fun

          by Janice Wilks

39 clients and 34 volunteers,
We were off to start our brand new year.
Add 27 professionals and 3 directors, too,
That made our total 92. Wow!
Oh the Places We Went
First stop were goals and objectives…
75% would be nice
We checked the numbers and counted them twice:
We made 81% in speech, 85% in OT
and let’s not forget dance, and Joe in PT
Oh the Places We Went!
Singing outside started the day
With High Stepping Horses we were well on our way.
More therapy and snack time; which room was which…
We finally figured it out when it was about time to switch.
Oh the Places We Went!
Visitors came from near and far
To grandparents day and parent groups,
Facilitated by Ann Tarr.
The Community Group brought smiles to faces
When I delivered their projects to area places.
New books to children’s hospital, dental kits to preschool,
The children were excited and thought they were cool.
350 plus lunch bags to KFB,
and the parents got to shop where everything was free!
Oh the Places We Went!
We had a few incidents, but NO fire alarms.
That’s a good thing no foul or no harm.
Highlights from the summer that were really a hit,
A visit from the museum, which was liked every bit.
Finally cans and bottles and redeeming trips,
but it was worth the $831.00 for our client scholarships.
Therapy and Fun is finally done
I can’t wait until next year to see who will come!
Oh the Places We Went!