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Radical Inclusion, not Racism
April 16, 2021

Thank you again to everyone who brought our attention to an act of racism happening in our community, when a person put together a petition to remove any/all Black Lives Matters materials, conversations, etc. from a nearby school. We are grateful that you have spent time reaching out to us, believing the perpetrator to be affiliated with us, because it means that you believe CTC will take action to right this wrong. 

Before we talk specifically about the incident and our response to it, we want to say, very clearly,  Black lives matter. 

CTC believes strongly in the eradication of racism, anti-science rhetoric, and every other form of dehumanization. Conversations about racism and its impact on our community do belong in schools, and racially diverse environments are essential for children’s healthy development. Our mission, to serve at-risk and disadvantaged people with developmental delays, differences, and disabilities, is of radical inclusion. 

The racist incidents mentioned above involve a person that shares a name with a former CTC employee but has no other connection to us. Because they are not affiliated with us, and never have been, we, unfortunately, cannot take any direct action against that individual.

As part of our mission, CTC strives to dismantle institutional racism. To address access inequities in healthcare, our programs and services are either free or income-based. We provide a wide range of services to meet a wide range of needs. While we serve clients, we are also working to increase representation of marginalized people in healthcare professions. Our approach to our work is integrated and interdisciplinary. CTC doesn’t focus only on treating symptoms, but serving a person or family as a whole.

While CTC is not involved this time, we want to invite you to continue holding us accountable when we misstep. We’re not always going to be right, and when we get it wrong, we want to know. Thank you for reaching out and trusting us to take the opportunity to grow.