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Well folks, our 32nd year of Therapy & Fun has ended. We are proud to say that everyone made lots of progress over the past few months and we all had so much fun doing it.
Whether it was engaging our bodies to practice different ways of moving, like we did outside, or our minds, with singing, dancing, crafts, and games on the tablet to help us speak and learn, we exceeded our overall goal of reaching 75% of our objectives in occupational and speech therapy. In speech we met 90% of them.
Another goal met was the fundraising activity our Life Skills group worked on. The eight to ten year olds counted and sorted pop cans and bottles to raise money for next year’s Therapy & Fun. When they added it all up, we found they’d exceeded the $100 goal they set for themselves by raising $110. Thanks for the hard work!
But it wasn’t all work. Our directors, therapists, and college and grad students had so many fun activities lined up that there was always something to do.
Thank you to our 25 marvelous and dedicated volunteers who spent 2,100 hours over the course of the summer helping make Therapy & Fun such a success. Having friends to work and play with is essential to helping our clients reach their goals. We couldn’t have done it without you!
It’s been a great summer here at Therapy & Fun. We were sad to see you go, but we had such a good time learning and playing that we already can’t wait to see you all again next year.