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Another summer of Therapy and Fun has wrapped, and we’re excited to share with you our progress, parent comments, and photos of kids having a blast while learning how to walk, talk, learn, and play.  But before we get to that, I thought I’d share the list of awards our young clients earned this summer.  The awards assembly goes by so fast, we often miss which awards the children have earned for all of their hard work in therapy.  So roll the drums: here they are in writing!

Spencer A., The Mathematician: for learning his numbers
Daniel B., The Picture Master: for learning to communicate with pictures.
Evyn D., The Awesome Author: for learning to tell stories.
Lazarus D., Parrot Talk: for talking so much!
Jeremiah D., The Interviewer: for learning to ask questions.
Avery G., She’s Super: for learning her “s” sounds!
Jaylen G., The Teacher Award: for helping during therapy sessions
Parker K., The Super Decider: for learning to make choices
Willem K., The Social Butterfly: for learning to
Rico K., Lace Me Up!:  for working on tying his shoes
Jeremiah L., The MVP: For the most all around improvement.
Emma M., The Star Describer: For learning to describe everything!
Tyce M., Sign On/Sign Off: For learning to sign with two signs at a time!
Grace M., The Buttoneer: for learning to do her buttons.
Cameron O., Making a List and Checking it Twice: for using his visual schedule.
Darion P., The Great Advocator: For telling us what he needs.
Leonardo R., Question King!: for learning to answer “wh” questions.
Tristan T., Captain Conversation!: for learning to carry conversation without stopping! AND The Graduation Award!: for graduating camp!
Jacob T., Mr. Inquisitive: for learning to ask “wh” questions.
Elizabeth V., Martha Stewart Award:  for her excellent organizational skills
Phineas W., Sir-Talks-A-lot: for learning to use two word sentences.
Brody W., Can’t be Bead’in!: For working on stringing his beads.
Luke W., Gaze into my Eyes: for learning to make eye contact.
Dane S., Clip Hanger: For working on his pincher grasp.
Thanks for all your hard work, friends!  Have an awesome school year.