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Picture of Josh Andrus

ArtPrize Artist Josh Andrus

A former client,  Josh Andrus will be exhibiting his watercolor titled “I Only Have Eyes for Blue” during ArtPrize 2011, at Spectrum Health’s Meijer Heart Center.  Comprehensive Therapy Center congratulates Josh.  As a young child, Josh attended our Therapy and Fun program for several years.  He is one of three winners in the Legacy Trust and VSA Michigan-Grand Rapids Art Contest for adults with disabilities.
Today, Josh Andrus attends Lincoln School and he creates his art at Hearts for The Arts (www.hearts4thearts.net).  Josh’s use of colors and highlights creates movement in his paintings among his bold strokes.  He has been painting since 2009, and likes to work in watercolor, acrylic, charcoal and oil pastels.  He paints two or three times per week.
As a five-year old in 1991, Josh Andrus was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  At that time, Josh worked on his speech-language, motor and sensory skills at the Therapy and Fun program.  He developed many skills.  However, at 20 years old he lost most of his spoken language ability and now communicates by spelling out messages on a communication board.  He often uses color in his descriptive writing … the sunrise as “early morning pink” and feelings of anger and frustration as “sick yellow.”
We encourage everyone to go see “I Only Have Eyes for Blue” during ArtPrize and vote for
Picture of Artwork

I Only Have Eyes for Blue by Josh Andrus

the painting if you like it!  All of the staff at Comprehensive Therapy Centers encourages Josh to continue with his artistic endeavors and we are proud to have been his therapists as a young child.
Good Luck Josh!