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tutor pics2It’s that time of year again! Summer has melted into chilly fall, orchards are bragging about the size of their pumpkins, leaves are changing, and your children are starting to feel the pressure of mounds of homework.
As difficult as it can be for neurotypical children to keep up with the increasingly high demands of after school work, it can be even more frustrating for children with a learning difference or a brain injury.
Here at CTC, we have over 30 years of experience helping children like yours succeed. From sensory integration therapy provided by our Occupational Therapists to auditory processing for language and articulation provided by our Speech-Language Pathologists, our tutors are experts in strategies designed to help your students of any age succeed. With 17 years experience in special education, Karen Kleinheksel is an expert in helping children with disabilities learn compensatory methods to make both school and homework more rewarding.tutor pics1
Our tutors are certified teachers and therapists who can work with your children on their memory and attention strategies, offer literacy and reading coaching for all ages, and give assistance in understanding basic math concepts.
If you have questions, call (616) 559-1054 or email info@therapycenter.org to schedule a consultation.