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Vicki Jansma is a retired school social worker and a valuable member of the staff at CTC.  Throughout her career she has watched young educators and school professionals burn out from the stress of their jobs.  
Educators are under increasing pressure and their workload is often unmanageable” explained Vicki. “This is having a serious impact on their physical and mental health! Almost 20% of new teachers leave the profession within the first five years – a loss school districts cannot afford to sustain.”
Over time Vicki has learned how to manage her stress and take better care of herself.  Now she spends much of her time teaching other professionals how to make the best lifestyle choices possible–and to find the joy again that first led them to the profession.
Vicki explained, “Staff who learn how to get quality sleep, reframe negative thought patterns and use the practices of meditation and gratitude to enhance joy are the kind of people you want in front of your students every day.  Learning and practicing the tools of self-care could become a resource to assist your staff in becoming the highly skilled/experienced teachers you need.” 
Click on this clip to get a glimpse of Vicki’s wisdom.  

Contact Vicki Jansma M.S.W. at Comprehensive Therapy Center (info@therapycenter.org) to learn how your school staff could benefit from this professional development training.