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Meet Kyra who is one of the very special Therapy and Fun volunteers.
Teens are an integral part of the program. They act as buddies for the younger children, while helping the younger child transition from one therapy session to another.
Frequently Kyra worked with Bethany. She assisted Bethany to stay on task. As she explained that at snack time “sometimes she signs ‘more’ and I get her more snack.”
Kyra learned much about how difficulties working with children while volunteering. “I like learning about if a kid is pushing other kids, how to tell them to stop because it’s not nice to hurt somebody.”
“She loved being around children, and being helpful to those who had different abilities,” her mother, Kendra explained.
Kendra, also noticed the effect volunteering had on her daughter. “It was an amazing experience overall,” she explained. “Really, it was a job, which was very empowering for her. It taught her to dress professionally, and built that work ethic that she hadn’t had before.”
That was noticed first when she came in to meet the staff. She brought her resume´ and treated it just like a job interview.
One evening at dinnertime Kyra was called by one of the therapists to discuss the speech goals of a client. Kendra was impressed because Kyra had no trouble answering the questions and discussing therapy on a professional level. “She loved that she was part of the staff,” Kendra explained.
When Kyra is not volunteering with CTC, she spends her time at home cooking with Kendra. “I cook scrambled eggs, like, in an omelet,” Kyra explained. She also enjoys going to her cottage in the summer, but looks forward to starting school again in the fall. “I’m excited for school. Especially to hang out and see my friends again,” she said.
Kyra, 14, starts 8th grade this fall where her favorite subject is science. At Comprehensive Therapy Center we look forward to her returning to Therapy and Fun ’18.