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Our 40th session of Therapy & Fun has come to a close and boy, what an adventure! Read on to hear about what our clients were up to this year.

How can therapy be fun? We’ll show you! Throughout the summer, Therapy & Fun clients worked on their fine and gross motor skills with Occupational Therapists by playing games, working on crafts or having a go at the obstacle course.

By climbing through the obstacle course, clients improve their balance and coordination.

We make Speech Therapy fun, too! Throughout the summer, our clients worked on their communication skills while playing games and reading books. Some clients work on communicating in alternative ways, using their “talkers.” One of our therapists even used a lollipop to work on a client’s mouth muscles.

Some of our clients are learning to communicate using AAC devices with special software.

This summer, CTC saw the launch of a new sister program to Therapy & Fun, called Therapy & Life Skills. This program was introduced for older clients who have graduated from Therapy & Fun and are ready to work on developing independence. 

At Therapy & Life Skills, clients worked on wellness doing yoga, social skills playing games, and even learned how to cook thanks to Cooking Matters and the Grand Rapids YMCA.

Shout out Aquinas Esports for hosting a Smash Brothers Tournament with our clients.

Perhaps their biggest project of the summer, our Life Skills clients practiced balance, coordination and following directions while drumming to music with pool noodles. They even performed for their families on the last day.

Therapy & Fun would be nothing without its amazing volunteers. These teens and young adults spend each day helping out our therapists by playing with clients, helping them transition between activities, and being a buddy throughout the program that they can rely on.

This volunteer shows a client some sign language.

Lastly, we’d love to thank our sponsors of Therapy & Fun this year

Bettie’s Pages

Break Room Therapy

Purposeful Wealth Strategies

Chalgian & Tripp Law Offices, PLLC

And Venture Connect, who also donated these awesome foam trucks for our clients to take home with them at the end of the program.

So What’s Next?

The fun doesn’t stop just because Summer is over. Click the images below to check out some of the programs we have coming up later this year.

Therapeutic Play Groups
Full STEAM Ahead