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Billy Wondergem, age 24, was a member of the Board of Directors for Comprehensive Therapy Center who passed unexpectedly October 26, 2010. He brought tremendous joy to all the lives he touched.
Billy is often remembered for his vibrant personality, desire to help others and love for children. He joined the organization as a favor to his younger brother, Charlie, who volunteered with Comprehensive Therapy Center while in high school, and wanted his brother to become involved and help the organization. Bill worked at the Van Andel Institute as a research technician in the Laboratory of Cancer Genetics.
Throughout his short career, Bill contributed to several published scientific journal articles and presentations. He was finalizing plans to attend medical school next year. In addition to his professional work, Billy was devoted to helping the children at Comprehensive Therapy Center.
As a tribute to Billy and to support the organization he loved so much, family and friends are encouraged to make a donation in his name. As a gift from the family for your support in helping children to walk, talk, learn and play, you will receive a blue “Billy” bracelet.
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