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Payton has been volunteering with CTC for seven years.  She came on board as a Therapy and Fun volunteer and is now an intern at the office.  She wanted to share with you her experience as a Therapy and Fun volunteer, and how it influenced and inspired her.  If you are a middle school – 10th grade student interested in volunteering for Therapy and Fun 2019, please click here for more information.
For the past seven years I have been a volunteer for Comprehensive Therapy Center’s Therapy and Fun summer program. T&F helped me discover a passion for helping others and working with kids who have varying needs. I started volunteering my fifth grade year. I Immediately became CPR certified, and attended in-services where I learned about different disabilities and how to help children obtain their goals. I love playing with these kids, and assisting in their speech and occupational therapy sessions. Immediately I grew attached to the the kids in the camp, and looked forward to going back each year. After a few summers, I helped run the arts and crafts room where I taught kids how to hold a pencil, write their name, draw shapes, and learn how to use scissors. We had fun learning colors and letters while creating fun crafts.
My experience at Comprehensive Therapy Center has inspired me to pursue a career in occupational therapy. Every summer I learned more about the occupation, and participated in therapy sessions. Not only do I enjoy volunteering at Therapy and Fun because of the experiences it has given me, but it has exposed me to many opportunities along the way. As a senior in high school, I am now an intern for CTC where I get to see what each career possibility entails, and I get to be more involved with the programs CTC offers. Along with the intern experience, the staff has supported me throughout my college search by recommending scholarship opportunities and extracurricular activities that can help me along the way.  
Volunteering at Therapy and Fun continues to expand my knowledge on how to support children’s growth, and has shown me what it is like to have responsibility at a young age. What started as a way to keep me busy during the summer, has given me experiences that I continue to cherish and utilize in my everyday life.
By Payton B.